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Solutions For Title Professionals

Ease Into eClosings with a Tool That Supports Your Title Business

More consumers are demanding digital and remote closings to accommodate their busy schedules, but where do you start? Ease into eClosing solutions with ProperSign.

All The Tools You Need to eClose

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Choose the right combination of digital closing elements to meet your clients’ needs. Your monthly subscription gives you access to all the technology you need to meet standard compliance requirements without paying any startup fees.

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If you’re not sure whether eClosings will work for you and your team, sign up for our Pay-as-You-Go plan to try RON with no monthly subscription and get 2 free eSigns per month. Only pay the upfront fees to use the tools you want.

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Designed for Real Estate Transactions

ProperSign was created to help real estate professionals securely sign, notarize, store, retrieve, and transfer real estate documents between parties. Whether using the tool for secure remote online notarizations or in-person electronic notarization (IPEN), ProperSign is flexible and easy for closing professionals and their customers to use.

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  • ProperSign Notary

    If you aren’t approved to do RON, don’t worry. We can connect you with a highly trained loan signing specialist approved for RON.
  • ProperSign Mobile Notary

    If a remote signing isn’t the best option for your upcoming closing, you can find a mobile notary to assist you instead.
  • Document Tagging Services

    We offer tagging services for real estate transactions. ProperSign subscribers can request same-day tagging services on closing files.