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Passing KBA

In order to complete a RON signing, you will need to pass a couple of verifications. One of these is KBA also known as Knowledge-Based Authentication. KBA will lookup public records to help verify your identity using information that you put in. In order to be able to use KBA, you must have the following:

  1. Enough US-based history to create 5 or more questions that you can answer (such as residences, past owned cars, cities or counties lived in, etc)
  2. A valid US ID such as a driver’s license or passport.

KBA is not available for international customers. If you are an international customer and want to complete your closing using a RON, you will only be able to complete a signing using a Virginia Notary.

You will only have three attempts to complete your KBA. If you do not pass in those three attempts, then you will have to try again in 24 hours.

To complete KBA

1. Click on My Account on the navigation and then click Verifications.

2. This will take you to the KBA and Documentation Verification page. This will also be where you can confirm that your KBA and Document uploads are completed. To begin your KBA, click Start.

3. Next, you will verify your information. Your name and email will already be filled in. Fill in your address and date of birth. This is so the KBA can find accurate questions to ask you. You can also enter your social security number to ensure better accuracy, but it is not required. Once you have filled out this information click Start.

4. KBA will then ask 5 verification questions. They are multiple-choice and  must all be answered correctly and you will have two minutes to respond to them. The questions will be pulled from public records and may go back up to 30 years. Once you have answered the questions, click Verify. 

5. If the verification was approved, you will be navigated back to the Verifications page, and your KBA will be listed as Complete.


What should I do if my KBA fails?

If your KBA fails, it could be for the following reasons:

  • You do not have enough established history in the US
  • You are a new citizen
  • Your name has been recently changed, and all of the information is under your old name.
  • Your name was entered incorrectly
  • Your DOB/SSN was entered incorrectly

If none of these apply to you and you are still having trouble, please submit a support ticket and our team will assist you!




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