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The Waiting Room

When customers first click on the signing session invite link, they will be directed to a waiting room.

There is a Chat feature on the bottom right that customers and notaries or other parties can use to communicate if there are audio issues. Audio will have to be established before continuing with the remote notarization.

To allow ProperSign to access your camera and start the session, click the Join Session button. Users may exit the signing at any time by clicking Exit Signing.


How do I confirm that I am in the signing?

You will have a box showing whether or not you have joined the signing session by clicking Join Session. If you or other signers in the room have not joined yet, there will be a status in red saying Waiting to Join This Session and will stay until they have joined the signing. If you are not available and other signors are ready and waiting to join, your signing agent can still start the singing without you. However, if you are able to join later, you can, but you will need to be allowed in by the signing agent.  Once you have clicked Join Session, you will be able to hear and see your signing agent and other signers in the signing room.


How am I able to verify that my uploaded documents and KBA are successful?

You will be able to verify that KBA and document verification have been completed by looking at the Completed KBA & Document Verification label underneath your video panel. If you have completed their verifications, the text will be in  Green. If KBA and document upload has not been completed, the text will be in Grey.


How do I know if my ID and KBA verifications were successful?

Once your signing agent has confirmed and verified your ID and KBA, the Completed KBA & Document Verification label will change to Verified.


Once your documents have been verified along with other possibly needed preparations, the signing agent will begin the signing.

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