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The Signing Room for Customers

After clicking the link provided by your notary, title agent, or other professional, customers will be taken to the Waiting Room.

Once the notary has begun the signing session, the screen will load the documents to be signed and/or notarized, and customers will be able to communicate with the notary via video.

And now, the signing can begin!


Signing Room Components

Here are some important components of the signing room that customers see:

Now Viewing: this section will show which document is currently up for signing and ready to be signed. It will have whatever file label you gave the document when you uploaded it to your file.



Exit Signing: This button will exit the signing.



Navigation Tool: This section is where you will have access to PDF controls and the chat function.



Navigation Tabs

Within the Navigation Section are two tabs:

PDF Navigation: The PDF navigation tab is where you will be able to see what documents are included in the signing. You may be able to navigate to different documents if your signing agent allows it. We also include sync scrolling, where you will be able to see where you scroll to as well as where your signing agent scrolls to.

Chat Tab: the first tab in this section. This is where you can chat with clients signing agents in case of audio connectivity issues.



How to Sign a Document

To add your signature to a document:

1.Click your corresponding signature box.



2. A pop-up will appear confirming that you want to sign with your electronic signature. Click Yes.



3. Your signature will now appear on the document.



Completing a Signing

Once all parties have signed their documents and your signing agent completes the signing, you will be taken out of the signing room to a signing completion page. From there, you can check off what completed documents you will like to be emailed to yourself. Once you’re done you can finish the signing by clicking Exit Signing Event.

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