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What is a Training File?

When you are first creating a file, you will see a button on the file options page to make this file a training file. But what is that?

Training File is a file that is used to help you understand the inner workings of Propersign better without charging you the fees that would normally be associated with a file. That way, you can learn how to tag, creating a signing, upload documents, etc without having to learn this while working on a live file. We recommend creating training files for when you are new to our platform and would like to practice using our site.

To create a training file:

  1. Toggle the button to Yes, and then click Next. You will still need to select the product category.
  2. After hitting next, you will then be taken to the Address Information section of the new file. Your file will also be labeled as a Training File in red next to the Edit button.

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